LOOT SEEK: Solve the clue. Find the X. Take the loot.
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How It Works


Step 1: Purchase a clue
  • Clues will come in a variety of forms; maps, riddles, pictures, codes, etc.  
  • Every loot will have a unique set of clues.
Step 2: Download the clue
  • Clues will be available for download immediately after purchase or upon release for pre-orders.
  • Downloads will be in PDF mostly for easy printing to reference in the field. Free video maps will be offered as a download on the site or from the Loot Seek youtube.
  • Offering clues as downloadable content cuts out shipping costs for material goods, freeing up more funds for bigger and better loot.
Step 3: Solve the clue/discover the location of the X.
  • Clues will be vague, but solvable.
  • If loot is not found within a month additional clues will be released free of charge. These clues will be available on the website under the hint tab.
Step 4: Loot Seek
  • The best part, mount an expedition into the wild to find and claim the loot.
  • Loot will be hidden in a unique custom made cube.
  • Loot is hidden throughout Colorado on public land. 
Use caution when searching for loot. The wilderness can be a dangerous place and weather can change quickly in the mountains. Always bring a first aid kit and additional clothing when exploring. 
    Finding Loot: If you successfully find an X please follow the instructions enclosed. This will confirm that the X has been found so it can be taken offline. Additionally finders will be eligible for a free end of year "finders only" loot. 
    Loot locations will be checked periodically to ensure they are still in place. Loot status updates will be sent out on social media as well as documented on the website.