LOOT SEEK: Solve the clue. Find the X. Take the loot.
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About Loot Seek

REAL...... Maps, Riddles, Clues, Codes, Adventure, Mystery, and of course Treasure.


   Loot Seek is a simple concept. Real treasure with real clues,maps, codes, etc. Currently all loot will be located in Colorado, which will act as the testing grounds for Loot Seek. I have been working on this project since 2014, it is entirely funded and designed by me. Currently 100% of revenue generated will go back into Loot Seek, I still have a day job to pay my bills. I have decided to launch as simple as possible to build a customer base and test/develop the site.

   I am bursting with ideas for Loot Seek including;

  • A mobile application.
  • User accounts with stat tracking.
  • Rewards systems for buying clues (every 10 clues get a free clue, or something along those lines).
  • GPS integration for mobile endeavors and instant notification of loot finds.
  • Participation in festivals (Imagine showing up to "Frozen Dead Guy Days" and having a treasure map available that is guaranteed to be in the area).
  • Possibly make all maps free and generate revenue through ads (ads will only be approved with community support).

 When Loot Seek becomes profitable I will donate 10% of every clue purchase to community approved wildlife/conservation charities. I will also periodically provide free clues/loot to encourage interest and growth. I want Loot Seek to develop a thriving community that participates in project decisions. Thank you for your interest in Loot Seek, if you would like to donate to my project please use the wallet addresses below. 


Shane Clark

Email me: shane.clark@lootseek.com


BTC:   1BLLgAcA4r1wtQqd19zZ2t7hNk33o4Jpes

LTC:    LMHXPcKjGDmE93B7tcp6nZmWNtmKJwZxq7

ETH:    0x33Cd74d9F853Ab85377D87667EaC3610Ed3Aac13