LOOT SEEK: Solve the clue. Find the X. Take the loot.
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Loot Seek

Clue for Loot No. 3 (LOOT HAS BEEN FOUND)

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Hint #1: West of the Anvil

Hint #2: 819

Loot No. 3 is the first of the Loot Seek treasures to contain GOLD!! This treasure is hidden in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. The clue consists of a very disjointed Haiku, a short free verse, a hand drawn sketch and a few pictures of very little help. Remember the loot is supposed to be difficult to find. The first additional hint will be released the first week of October if the loot has not been found.

Loot contents include:

  • 1 gram gold bar 
  • 1 ounce silver coin 
  • 1 ounce copper coin 
  • 1 rough cut Emerald 
  • stickers


All proceeds are re-invested in Loot Seek to keep the project running.


Loot is always located on public land. Please be very careful when exploring the outdoors. Beware of wildlife and weather. Participate at your own risk.


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